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What is Probate Real Estate?

Probate Real Estate is a court-supervised procedure where the assets of a deceased person must go through probate in order to satisfy creditors and distribute the estate to heirs.  Probate can be a very emotional and difficult process, one that you should not have to navigate alone.  Without the right team, many estates are stripped, destroyed, and devastated. Don’t let that happen to you.


Recent Probate Sales in Los Angeles

Duplex by Dodger Stadium. Sold over asking price in 22 days for $630,000. The original tenants remained and continue to pay rents to the new owner.

Torrance home with huge lot. Scheduled for foreclosure 7 days prior to partnering with LA Probate Realtor. Saved from foreclosure and sold! Everyone was happy.

Westside of L.A. Needed lots of cleaning and repairs. Turned around and sold in 2 weeks for $643,000. Also had a boat that I sold for the estate.

Needed to be secured, cleaned, and junk hauled. Sold in 2 days. This home was in South Central and had to be monitored regularly to prevent vagrants from entry.

Apartment building in Gardena. The tenants were put up at a local hotel, while the termite work was done. We make sure the tenants are always taken care of.

This was a Trust sale in Lomita. My team re-did all the hardwood floors and painted the entire interior. No upfront charge for this. The work was paid at the close of escrow.

Small home in Lennox that was occupied by one of the heirs to the estate. We helped him get financing so he could buy it and continue to live there.

This L.A.. probate had an out of state Executor. Even though she couldn't be here, we made sure she was kept in loop. The sale went smoothly and sold for the asking price.

This probate was a little difficult. The administrator of the estate was also going through bankruptcy. We had to get approval from the BK courts prior to selling it. We did get approval and the sale went smoothly after that.

This home was in Mar Vista. It needed a lot of cleaning before we could put it on the market. We had to sell 2 cars for the state, too. After cleaning and some heavy marketing, it sold the first week at full price at all cash. Everyone was happy.

Laurel Canyon - 5 bed 3 bath, 3,000+ sq ft home. Was originally built as a hunting lodge. It was sold part of a large estate. The buyer bought this home, the home next door and 5 surrounding vacant lots.

3 bed 2 bath home in Victorville. Didn't need much as far as repairs go. We cleaned it up and did some light painting, installed a new door on the side of the garage. It sold for full price.

"Brian and his team are very knowledgeable in all aspects of probate. He keeps us well informed of the entire process and works hard behind the scenes to get the sale completed. We have referred him to several clients and will continue to refer him. His services are invaluable and he comes highly recommended."

-Paul R. Hammons

Attorney at Law, Los Angeles, CA



We Work with Executors and Attorneys

As a Certified Probate Specialist,  Brian knows the ins and outs of probate. No matter what stage you are at in the process, our team is here to help. We work directly with executors as well as probate attorneys to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.


Whether you’re curious about probate, need an appraisal, or even need a referral for a probate attorney, Brian is here to help!